Sebastopol Revitalisation

As a member of the Andrews Government I am thrilled to announce that I have secured $5 Million in funding specifically for the purpose of revitalising Sebastopol.

In the coming weeks I will be out and about knocking on people’s doors and talking to Sebastopol locals about how they would like to see this funding spent. I believe it is crucial that the people of Sebastopol determine what is best for their community.

I will soon be running a survey for locals to provide feedback on community needs. There will be a Sebas Speak Out event in April for residents to give feedback and input into the projects they would like to see prioritised.

Finally a Citizens Committee will be initiated comprised of Sebastopol residents, members of Ballarat City Council, and Regional Development Victoria. This committee will be responsible for the final decision making around project design and rollout.

More details will be available soon.

Delivering for Sebas