Housing affordability in the Ballarat region

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I want to hear from you about housing affordability.

A policy intern from Monash University based out of my office is writing a policy research paper on housing affordability in the Ballarat region and the host of the project is the Parliamentary Library, Victoria.

I've opened a community and stakeholder survey to get a better picture of housing affordability in the Ballarat region, how it is affecting the community and to find ways to address the issue.

The survey is open to everyone in the community and all the data will be used in the research project, to participate visit bit.ly/3dBOGWG

This is an issue that affects different people in different ways. 

We’ve got young people that are trying to buy into the market.

We’ve got young people trying to rent.

Families looking for a rental or to buy a bigger home – worried if the costs are getting too high.

And we’ve got people that are just desperate to get a roof over their head – who have struggled to remain in a home.

People need a safe and secure place to call a home.

Having a roof over your head leads to better health outcomes and work outcomes

The Victorian Government’s Big Housing Build will construct a minimum of $80 million of new social housing in Ballarat, $20 million in Moorabool and $15 million in Golden Plains over the next four years.

Much of this investment will be made in partnership with local providers, local government and investors.  Over the next four years we are going to see a lot of delivery of social and affordable housing. This includes an increase of 10 percent in our total social housing supply and building more affordable housing properties to help low to moderate income Victorians live closer to their place of work and provide options for private rental.

We’re also helping first home buyers with stamp duty reductions, and helping renters with new rules that gives them more rights

I think that people have great ideas that can help housing affordability – that's why I want to hear from you. 

The survey closes 21 April 2021.